Hand disinfection cationic 500 ml

125 kr

Hand disinfection cationic 500 ml disinfects the skin immediately on contact.. The first disinfectant in the world with long-term protection..

All bacteria, viruses, microorganisms and staphylococci die and hands remain protected for several hours thereafter. Alcohol-free and non-perfumed agent. Developed in Sweden and manufactured in Sweden.

Stop infection Disinfection 500 ml kills bacteria, viruses, staphylococci and microorganisms directly. An ultra-thin, positively charged polymeric membrane provides long-term protection.

The positively charged polymer catches negatively charged viruses, bacteria and kills them. The protection remains only until it is worn or sweated - up to several hours.

Ordinary disinfectants and alcohol-based agents provide no lasting protection after disinfection.


- Pump up plenty of hand disinfection

- Massage hands, fingers, nails and wrists

- Air dry

Stop infection Hand disinfection is alcohol-free and moisture-retaining. Protect yourself and others. Help stop the spread of infection.


1. Pump up plenty of hand disinfection to a palm.

2. Rub palm to palm.

3. Rub fingertips and nails.

4. Rub the fold of the thumb and between the fingers.

5. Don't forget to treat a bit up your wrists.

6. Air Dry. Hand disinfection cationic is color free and non-alcoholic. Not recommended for shower and face.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.