Smart Home 433Mhz DC 12V 1CH Wireless Remote Switch

Produkten är tyvärr slut i lager. :(

Technical Data:

Input Power:DC10V-14V

Standby Current:<5MA

RF Frequency:315M or 433M

RF working mode:superheterodyne

Receive sensitivity: >97dbm

Transmitting distance: 20 meters above

Decoding mode:MCU software decoding

Remote storage: 25 pcs

Support remote type: Learning code, Fixed code(Rolling code can be design)

Working mode:Momentary, Toggle, Latching Time delay (5s ,10s ,15s )

Wiring type:fixed terminal

Output Terminal :NO , NC , COM

Dimension of PCB:35*30*18mm  (L,W,H)

Wiring diagram 1:          

+V : 12V + input ;

- V:  12V - input ;

NO:  Output , normal open;

COM:Output , common ;

NC:  Output , normal close;